Increases in immunisation rates have been hampered, according to Vanuatu Red Cross, because of the difficulty in shipping Covid-19 vaccinations outside of Port Vila.

Over 7,600 Covid-19 cases have been reported in Vanuatu since the beginning of the year, and just 38 percent of the population has been vaccinated.

It is difficult for the government to send vaccines to other provinces and outer islands so that more Ni-Vanuatu citizens can be protected, according to Secretary-General Dickinson Tevi.

To prevent the proliferation of community transmissions, Tevi claims that current limits on movement are also stifling progress.

“Traveling to the islands and moving around while using the transmission is a challenge at the time. This, I believe, is the primary cause of the vaccination’s sluggishness. Otherwise, I’m confident that if the immunisation is made available to the public, they’ll be happy to embrace it “he explained.

According to Tevi, a lot of individuals are concerned about getting the Covid-19 vaccine because of what they’ve seen on social media.

Despite this, he said, the Vanuatu Red Cross is assisting with the immunisation campaign.

“As part of our outreach to the neighbourhood, we urge residents to be vaccinated for their own safety. Because this is just the first wave, we’re warning them that there may be a second one, and that we don’t know how strong it will be, so they should get the vaccine “Tevi made the comment.

Meanwhile, as the number of cases of Covid-19 rises in Vanuatu, medical personnel and equipment continue to arrive on the island of Pentecost.

There were 40 bottles of oxygen and physicians and nurses on their way to Penama’s health centres on Tuesday, according to Markson Tabi, the island’s health manager.

638 persons have been tested, with 283 coming back positive for the virus.

In the meanwhile, some local limitations have been eased, such as the prohibition on approaching the island by air or boat.

People from Ambae Island, who had been stranded on Pentecost for more than two months, were also returned to their homes, according to Tabi.

On Efate and Santo, stranded Pentecostals can now go home.

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