The Netherlands donates Monkeypox vaccines to Denmark 

The Netherlands donates Monkeypox vaccines to Denmark in response to the recent outbreak | Health Minister confirms partnership and plans to acquire more vaccines for emergency use | Over 200 confirmed cases reported in North America and Europe | Endemic to central and West Africa - World Health Organization.

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According to a statement from the health minister on Wednesday, the Netherland is sent 200 monkeypox vaccines to Denmark last week. However, the government of Denmark is working to buy thousands more in preparation for possible vaccination of close contacts of all the confirmed infected individuals. 


Speaking to DR, a public broadcaster Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said, “we got 200 monkey pox vaccines on Friday in partnership with the government of the Netherlands.”

“However, we are taking steps to buy two to three thousand more vaccines for use in emergency response,” Heunicke revealed. 

The smallpox vaccine donated by the Netherlands to Denmark will probably be the ones made by Bavarian Nordic, a Danish biotech company. The United States endorsed the vaccine for immunization against monkeypox.


Bavarian elevated its sales projections on Wednesday after endorsing a second agreement with an anonymous country to deliver vaccines. 

The Netherland’s Heath Authority said it is looking into the possibility of immunizing people that have being in close touch with infected persons. 

Currently, there are over 200 confirmed or presumed cases of monkeypox in North America and Europe. According to the World Health Organization, the disease is endemic in central and West Africa. 

So far in the recent outbreak, Denmark has two confirmed monkeypox infections, and both of the patients returned from Spain. The first patient had journeyed to Gran Canaria. 

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