Nicaragua is better prepared for Covid vaccination thanks to a donation from Iran

Nicaragua Receives 200,000 Covid Vaccinations from Iran: Boosting Preparedness for Immunization. See how Nicaragua is expanding its vaccination efforts with donations from Iran and other countries to fight against Covid-19.

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On Tuesday, Iran sent 200,000 covid-19 vaccinations to Nicaragua. "This is the day that Iranian immunizations will be available. I appreciate your kind words. Vaccinations for 200,000 people using Coviran." government media were informed by Vice President Murillo.


Nicaraguan officials hope to increase the percentage of the public who have been vaccinated against covid-19, which was "almost 93 percent" with a single dosage and "85 percent" with the full schedule, according to President Daniel Ortega's wife.

Covid-19 Citizen Observatory, a network that tracks the pandemic, identified 5,998 deaths from pneumonia and other coronavirus-related illnesses, as well as 32,374 suspected cases of contagiousness. The Nicaraguan government does not accept these figures.

Since the return of the Sandinista leader to power in 2007, Nicaragua has supported Iran.


On January 10, Iran transported Mohsen Rezai, one of the alleged perpetrators of the 1994 AMIA attack in Buenos Aires, to Nicaragua.

Ortega was reminded by the Iranian official of the closeness of their countries and their resolve to "collaborate and strive to oppose US imperialism”.

Vaccines from Cuba, Russia, China, the United States, and Europe have also been given to Nicaragua.

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