Boost dose of Covid vaccines for teens

Find out the latest update on Covid vaccine boosters for teens in Bahrain. Learn about the eligibility and options for the second dose.

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New Update



Those aged 12 to 17 are eligible for a second booster shot against COVID-19 on a "opt-in" basis, Bahrain says.


According to the Bahraini news agency BNA, the National Taskforce to Combat the Coronavirus has announced that the second booster dose will be provided to this group beginning Friday, May 20, nine months after the first booster shot was taken.

The taskforce in charge of dealing with the virus crisis in the kingdom has stated that the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine is available for the second booster, or the vaccine they received in the first booster dose can be used.

COVID-19-infected adults in this age group have the choice of obtaining a second booster injection six months after the initial injection or nine months after the first injection.

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