Corona positivity rate has risen in Quito, as per epidemiologist Enrique Terán.

In Ecuador, the administration of boosters shots of the COVID-19 vaccine has come to a
halt; 6.2 million people seem to accept to receive a third shot against the illness, but just
377,000 people have requested a fourth dose.

The Ministry of Health (MSP) acknowledges that there has been a “small” rise in coronavirus
instances in the nation, which is why they are working to ensure that more persons are
protected biologically.
Doctors, on the other hand, believe that the National Government’s effort is incompatible
with the stated steps, such as the usage of masks.

Due to a decrease in illnesses, the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) called
for the removal of face masks in open and closed spaces on April 28.
“We believe that positive is already at 15%,” the doctor told Ecuavisa, adding that data on
the current epidemic condition is insufficient.

A modest increase in COVID-19 and flu infections has been documented in Guayaquil. The
mayor’s office in this town has advised that masks be worn in enclosed public venues and in
large crowds.
Ecuador now possesses doses of Pfizer, Sinovac, and Cansino for COVID-19 immunisation,
according to MSP data.

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