With the increase in cases of monkeypox, the health officials in United States have tapped into the national stockpile. Vaccine that was used to protect against smallpox also works well against monkeypox. 

Deputy director of the Division of High Consequence Pathogens and Pathology at the CDC’s Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases Center stated about the requests made for the vaccines. In a news briefing she said, “I can report that there has been a request for release of the Jynneos vaccine from the National Stockpile for some of the high-risk contacts of some of the early patients, so that is actively happening right now.”

The Jynneos vaccine was licensed in 2019, especially for adults under high risk. There is a good stock of the doses available since US had prepared a while back for any smallpox outbreak. There are over 1000 doses and more in production during the upcoming weeks. 

Another vaccine by the name of ACAM2000 us also officially used to fight smallpox. There are around 100 million doses of this available in the U.S. However, McQuiston explained how since it was developed for older generations, there may be substantial side effects which means conversations on its use need to happen first. 

The health staff plans on using some doses for those who have come in close contact with monkeypox patients to prevent the spread. McQuiston said that the many purposes for now is to distribute the vaccine to anyone who would benefit such as health care workers, personal relations of patients and those at high risk. 

The first confirmed case is a man from Massachusetts with a travel history from Canada. Another six cases have been recorded since from New York, Florida, Utah and Washington. They were tested for Orthopoxvirus which gave positive result. This virus is the same family as monkeypox. Another case is under scrutiny in Sacramento County, CA since Tuesday afternoon. This one has a travel history from Europe. CDC will be checking the samples this week to declare whether its monkeypox or not. 

Seattle medical staff on Monday reported another presumptive case with an international history of travel. The patient wasn’t admitted but is in isolation since he’s not believed to possess risk to the public. CDC has issued alerts when traveling to practice precautions as 16 countries have announced cases. 

Though the risk is low, it is important to seek medical help in case you develop any symptoms like unexplained rash irrespective of fever or chills. 

According to the data collected by The World Health Organization, around 131 confirmed cases and about 106 have been suspected outside of Africa. The officials have said the disease is containable. The health officials will meet this week and discuss the situation.

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