Since 17th May, Uruguay has registered an astounding 96% surge in the positive cases for COVID-19 (2,830 to 5,549 within a week). 

The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas stated his concern on how the end of emergency was misleading to the feeling of the pandemic also ceasing to be. The comparative data derived recently also confirmed this fact. 

A complete analysis led to the discovery that these outbreaks have become prevalent at work level and then have infected the families. The variant called BA.2 is said to circulate faster with a formidable capability to infect. 

The Minister claimed that it is ignorant to rule out that a high case of mobility and the circulation of viral load when traveling could be major reasons for the spread. Even if no current data exists to prove the presence, it doesn’t eliminate the absence. 

This has led to the initiation of a fourth dose drive to administer immunization vaccines to the ages 18-48 years old. Priority will definitely be aimed more towards the travelers. 

In order to explain this move, a professor specializing in infectious diseases along with managing health portfolios as an adviser, Julio Medina, expressed his opinion. He said how this would benefit those going through comorbidities more than those in pink of health within that age group. 

Vaccination for those above 50 years of age was announced a week ago. Official medical authorities continue to emphasize on the importance of masks in public spaces and following preventive actions despite them being called off a few days ago.

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