Dr. Osagie Ehanire, Nigeria’s Minister of Health, stated on Saturday that the federal government will make it easier for alternative and traditional medicine to be used in conventional medical settings. The University of Benin will assist the federal ministry of health in Nigeria in this regard. 

“Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine” (TCAM) was launched during the first International Conference Centre (Abuja) Abuja conference in partnership with the First Lady’s Office of Nigeria.

Prior to the development of modern medicine, traditional medicine was the only option available to people. Similarly, this is true for all peoples and cultures. The growth of these ancient plants in Nigeria will be enhanced if there is a sustained interest in and study into traditional medicine.

“Now is the moment to put to better use the wisdom and know-how passed down from generation to generation by our forebears. The Ministry Of health would continue to support TCAM efforts in Nigeria in accordance with this administration’s desire to explore various avenues for optimal healthcare.

To see so many Nigerians still seeking and using traditional medicines in addition to conventional ones is illuminating. There are a lot of untapped prospects in traditional medicine that we should explore at this conference,” I hope.

A 20-body committee, chaired by the Secretary to the Health Ministry, Abdulaziz Abdullahi, was inaugurated by Dr. Ehanire in December 2020 to figure out methods for establishing Nigeria’s National Institute for Traditional Complementary as well as Alternative Medicine under the supervision of the University of Benin.

Aside from the Secretary of the Ministry of health, Professors Ehijie Enato and Professor MacDonald Idu represent the national Benin University on the Committee.

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