According to Artem Honcharenko, President of the International Technology Transfer Association and the Ukrainian Fund for Reconstruction and Development, mobile clinics can provide interim medical care in war-torn areas.

“The creation of mobile hospitals and mobile operating rooms enables the operation of a nearly complete hospital based on a gymnasium or any other facility, and tent camps, even in their most basic form, can be deployed. These mobile hospitals will provide primary and secondary treatment until the patient is ready to be admitted to the hospital.” Honcharenko made the news on Thursday at a press conference hosted by Interfax-Ukraine.

According to OleksiyHoncharov, head of foreign relations for the non-profit organization Kontramarka Help, the mobile hospital can be deployed in 40 minutes and will assist 150 patients each day.

“Ukraine will require around forty of these facilities, according to our calculations. Obviously, the greater the number, the better. Because destroyed hospitals are a serious worry right now, mobile hospitals can provide medical care in other cities “He expanded.

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