The UK government’s nine-week deployment of its EMT made this possible. The government-funded deployment of emergency medicine, critical care, and risk communication professionals is managed by UK Med.

The UK EMT team- ten members have spent the last nine weeks preparing the hospitals of Atoifi, Gizo, Kilu’ufi, Taro, and Sasamunga for future COVID-19 waves.

These hospitals were evaluated during their deployment to see how they may help local health facilities and national medical experts.

Following the tests, the team instructed key health care personnel at the facilities on how to manage COVID-19 patients, assuring the project’s long-term success.

A multi-disciplinary strategy was used to train physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Last week, three members of the team that assisted in the establishment of the hospital’s first High Dependency Unit (HDU) stayed an extra week at Kilu’ufi for training and on-the-job mentoring.

In Western Province’s Gizo hospital, a week of similar training was performed.

Responding to deteriorating patients and recognizing ARDS and AHRF is all part of Respiratory Therapy 2.

Continuation, escalation, and tapering of oxygen therapy with a skills session, Respiratory treatment 2 Therapeutics and clinical treatment (case management) for COVID-19, as well as COVID-19-related diseases in pregnant women and children.

COVID-19 was taught to 122 frontline health workers. They spoke with 58 community leaders as part of their community outreach to help disseminate reliable and accessible information regarding COVID-19 prevention and immunization.

Three team members, now back in the UK, spent two weeks in Malaita province’s Kilu’ufi hospital.

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