Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans to improve their health to stem the flow of lifestyle diseases. The president made the statement in Entebbe while launching 12 marine ambulances at the Marine Battalion headquarters. The ambulances will help to improve access to health care on the islands.

Museveni stated in his speech that Ugandans should be taught about good eating and exercise routines. He claims that he hasn’t been sick in 60 years because he watches what he eats and does. He spoke from personal experience.

“I’ve worked virtually nonstop for the past 60 years. I’m pretty sure I’ve only had malaria twice in the last 60 years because I am unable to finish my tasks while I am sick. I must complete my mission.” he remarked.

Despite his high level of health consciousness, he was astonished to hear that his Vitamin D levels were inadequate when the coronavirus first appeared. When Museveni learned that many Europeans were dying of COVID-19 because of a lack of vitamin D, he became concerned and had his vitamin D levels tested.

“My lack of energy was caused by a vitamin D deficiency. Mine was broken. They are all part of the barracks designed to guard against the enemy. I no longer go to the sun; instead, I walk from my house to my car, not because I couldn’t afford it, but because I didn’t know. I no longer go outside in the sun. I’m in the same boat as the Europeans who don’t get enough sun. As a result, I had to figure it out on my own, “he said. 

According to the president, medical practitioners and all-district health officers should educate the people on how to boost immunity and avoid lifestyle disorders by teaching them what to do and what foods to eat.

“When someone has consumed much too much food and collapses owing to clogged arteries, an ambulance is sent.” All of this is avoidable. ” Museveni was well aware of the situation.

Except for a bandaged finger in March 2018, when Rwandan President Paul Kagame visited for a one-day official visit, Museveni’s health at 77 has never been a major concern for many. Much curiosity had surrounded the president’s hand. Museveni, on the other hand, eventually explained that he had just hurt his wrist while practicing karate.

“As an amateur, I’ve been practicing Karate since 1976. Even when I get home from work at 2 a.m., those activities keep me in shape. I don’t do the exercises every day, but I do them on occasion. My wrist was stretched. It’s beneficial to your health. Unarmed tactics such as karate are still taught to law enforcement agents today.” Museveni acknowledged this in 2018.

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