Donated vaccines were unusable due to importation and storage issues.

Sources say the Health  Ministry will destroy the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine of about 150,000 doses donated by Mauritius.

The chairperson of the National Drug Authority (NDA), Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo wrote to Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng that the consignment was inspected by them and they found irregularities in the storage and importation.

Dr. Bitekyerezo wrote in a letter that the Sinopharm vaccine consignment that arrived on March 1 lacked temperature data loggers. The temperature data ensure vaccine potency by tracking storage temperature standards.

Last month, inspectors couldn’t determine the cold chain’s integrity. The Covid-19 vaccine’s certificate of analysis and independent lot release certificate was not shared, he wrote to Dr. Aceng.

“We can’t guarantee the vaccine’s safety, quality, and potency,” he said. NDA vaccine expires on Aug. 10.

“NDA reviewed this matter and gave the Health minister technical guidance,” a spokesperson said last night. I suggest contacting the Health Ministry.

Gen Jeje Odongo reportedly requested that Dr. Aceng have the NDA inspect the shipment.

Mauritius donated Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccines to Uganda. Dr. Aceng requested Covid-19’s analysis and release certificate on May 10.

“In this context, NDA rejected the consignment, despite our earlier listed challenges,” she said. She wouldn’t comment.

Emmanuel Ainebyoona, a ministry spokesperson, hadn’t seen the letter.

Dr. Aceng recommended destroying airport vaccines.

“The country can’t use vaccines now. Burning works. NDA needs funding for Nakasongola. Guide us.” She wrote.

She didn’t mention the vaccines’ cost.

Gen Odongo couldn’t comment on the jabs ban.

Henry Oryem Okello, the foreign minister, said, “Why should I worry? No doctor here. They know good and bad”.

The government needs to use 44.7 million vaccine doses.

Since March 2021, more than 10.9 million Ugandans have been fully vaccinated.

To contain the pandemic and ensure economic recovery, the original goal was to vaccinate 22 million people 18 and older.

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