According to the Ministry of Health and Prevention, three new cases of Monkeypox, a viral disease that, unlike Covid-19, is usually self-limiting, have been reported in the UAE (MoHaP). A WAM report states that UAE health officials are doing all necessary investigations, contact inspections, and health monitoring.

“Close contact with an infected person or animal, including bodily fluids and respiratory droplets, or contact with virus-infected materials, is usually how monkeypox is transmitted to people. It can also be transmitted to an unborn child “The Ministry stated in a statement.

According to the World Health Organization, there were 257 laboratory-confirmed cases. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) notes that preliminary epidemiology of early cases reported to WHO by countries suggests that cases have been identified mostly among men who have interacted with men (MSM).

As of May 26, WHO had received reports of 257 laboratory-confirmed illnesses and around 120 suspicious cases. There have been no deaths reported. The situation is fast-changing, and WHO believes that additional cases will be detected as surveillance expands in both non-endemic and endemic countries that have not previously reported cases.

Preventive measures

MoHaP urged all members of the community to take necessary precautions and preventive measures when traveling, to be cautious in large crowds, and to avoid harmful behaviors.

In addition, the Ministry stated that it is collaborating with other health authorities to implement an epidemiological surveillance system per the highest global practices to ensure long-term efficiency and community protection from communicable diseases, as well as work to limit the spread of all diseases and viruses, including monkeypox.

“All of the country’s health officials are working hard to create consistent national medical guidelines for treating Monkeypox sufferers and their relatives. This includes keeping infected people in hospitals until they recover, as well as quarantining their close contacts at home for at least 21 days, monitoring their health, and ensuring compliance with home isolation.”

Reduce the propagation of incorrect information

The Ministry of Health asked individuals to receive their information from official UAE sources and to avoid spreading rumors and false information, underlining the importance of remaining informed about relevant events and directions given by UAE health authorities.

An immediate response is essential

According to WHO, immediate action should be taken to provide correct information to people who may be most vulnerable to monkeypox, prevent further transmission among vulnerable groups, and protect frontline health workers.

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