The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention reported 364 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus, 356 recoveries, and no deaths on Sunday.

There are presently 13,944 open cases. The new cases were discovered after 232,385 further tests. As of May 22, the overall number of cases in the UAE was 904,830, with 888,584 recoveries. The death toll now stands at 2,302. Meanwhile, Bill Gates, the billionaire philanthropist, lauded Abu Dhabi’s Hope Consortium for constructing a world-class COVID-19 immunization center in the city.

Gates, a vaccine supporter, paid a visit to Abu Dhabi Ports’ cutting-edge cold and ultra-cold storage facilities, which can hold all temperature types of Covid-19 vaccines.

“It’s incredibly modern,” he stated after viewing the KIZAD plant on Al Samha’s outskirts. “It has a lot of incredible chilled capacity, and everything is incredibly well tracked,” he added. Thanks to a robust end-to-end vaccine supply chain, the Consortium, and its partners have been able to deliver millions of vaccines from the point of manufacture to the point of immunization.

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