The UAE Capital has launched a new program to detect chronic diseases early through comprehensive exams.

The Public Health Centre at Abu Dhabi promotes a healthy and secure society in the UAE, launched Ifhas on Wednesday.

Chronic diseases are a global and local challenge and a leading cause of death. “Thiqa” permit holders over 18 will receive comprehensive medical exams to help them avoid chronic and non-communicable diseases.

This program is in line with global experts’ and specialists’ recommendations, which emphasize suitable prevention ways, recognizing a healthy way of life, and making sure before the time of finding persistent diseases stop their growth into a not curable stage.

The Ifhas program is a clinical appraisal of the well-being from the risk of chronic diseases as per gender and age, along with a comprehensive clinical examination based on Abu Dhabi’s most important health challenges and needs. Seha, Mubadala, Mediclinic Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Al Dhafra, NMC, and Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi are among them.

This program allows beneficiaries to learn about their health status by receiving a detailed medical report 10 days after testing. The licensed medical center where the exam took place provides a detailed report.

Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre Director Matar Saeed Al Nuaimi: “Ifhas is one of Abu Dhabi’s strategic initiatives to provide world-class preventative and curative healthcare to the community.

“The program aims to give Thiqa cardholders 18 and older full medical exams for prevention and early detection. These examinations will provide a holistic view of public health across all segments of society and add to the growth of precautionary and healing health plans.

Authorities have launched Ifhas for Thiqa cardholders 18 and older across primary medical facilities in the emirate to facilitate participation. Al Nuami urged Thiqa permit holders to take Ifhas tests and support the UAE’s mission of a healthy and secure society.

The Executive Director of the Community Health zone urges target group citizens to get tested regularly for cardiovascular diseases and risk factors. “We advise everyone to live a healthy lifestyle, eat well, exercise, and avoid smoking and other bad habits. These initiatives will improve community members’ lives.”

Dr. Anwar Sallam, Group Chief Medical Officer at Seha, said: “This initiative will improve the health of many UAE residents and prevent life-threatening conditions. Through our partnership with the Health Center, we’ll offer these tests at all 46 Seha clinics in the country. We encourage all eligible patients to take advantage of this service. Our wide network ensures that everyone in the community has easy access to this potentially life-saving service as part of our commitment to promote a healthy lifestyle for all.”

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