Turkmenistan’s population receives its fourth coronavirus vaccine dosage. The Turkmen government says more than 90% of the population has received the coronavirus vaccine, which eases restrictions.

Mary started its fourth immunization shot on June 14, according to RFE/RL. Health officials and police utilize the vaccine, he said. Everyone else can take the fourth dose. China and Russia supply vaccines.

Medical officials say the third vaccine shot hasn’t been completed. According to RFE/Turkmen RL’s Service, Turkmenistan launched the third coronavirus vaccine dose in January.

According to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, a lack of public confidence in the vaccine and the country’s health system is slowing compulsory vaccination in the country.

“Many people resist vaccinations because they’re unreliable. Vaccines can make people sick. Sometimes relatives say a person died soon after a vaccine. Doctors often delay vaccinations “sources from Mary informed.

Police, special services, and the army opposed the protest.” Non-vaccinated employees risked being sacked, and domestic travel was forbidden.

Still, vaccinations are needed. Employee vaccination records are reviewed periodically. According to the correspondent, Mary businesses are being warned to get vaccinated.

Health personnel, the military, police officers, and high-risk people were the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in January 2021.

Turkmenistan required vaccinations in 2021. The decision came as coronavirus infections and mortality rose substantially. The government hasn’t acknowledged COVID-19’s presence.

Registered coronavirus vaccines are Russian and Chinese. Health Service sources said Chinese-made medications, notably Sinovac’s Vero Cell vaccine, are regularly used to vaccinate patients.

Several cases of communal sickness have been reported. Spring and summer 2020 saw the first wave. At the time, the government didn’t recognize coronavirus but imposed quarantine limitations. 

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