The trial of a banished and superannuated health doctor in French Polynesia is postponed for the fourth time due to his candidacy for the French nationwide Assembly.

Jean-Paul Theron is facing criminal accusations after reportedly beating and insulting a bailiff outside his house in September while awaiting a medical summons.

His lawyer had begged the court to maintain what he termed a judicial ceasefire since his client was running for office.

The latest effort to trial him was called off in March because no doctor was available to determine if the accused was fit to testify.

According to the lawyer, the examination has still to be completed, but a new trial date of August 26 has been scheduled.

Mr. Theron was prohibited from the profession for three years two months ago for multiple violations, including practising medicine without a stable practise.

During the peak of the epidemic last year, the retired physician drew notice for providing Ivermectin, a parasite medicine, to scores of Covid-19 patients under his care.

According to Dr. Theron, the medical group should be disbanded, and the government should be sanctioned for its inadequate handling of the epidemic.

In Tahiti last year, there were many huge protests against the government’s vaccination programmes and in favour of Dr. Theron.

More than 640 Covid-related deaths have occurred in French Polynesia, the foremost Pacific vacation resort to revive its boundaries during the outbreak.

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