Monkeypox was detected in a passenger who flew from Singapore to Australia last week, the MOH announced on Monday (Jun 6).

A flight from Barcelona to Changi Airport was reported to have arrived the following day. The next day, he boarded a flight to Sydney from Changi Airport’s transit holding area.

On June 3, he was diagnosed with HIV when he arrived in Sydney. MOH stated that he did not visit any other parts of Changi Airport.

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), the case has not yet presented a significant risk of community transmission.

People who may have encountered the traveller while in the airport transit area or on the two affected flights have had their contacts screened.

Consequently, quarantine was no longer necessary.

13 people who may have had contact with the traveller are now under 21-day phone surveillance because of this investigation.

During the monitoring period, phone calls will be made to people who are under phone surveillance to check on their health.

Monkeypox-infected patients will be referred to the NCID for further medical evaluation if they exhibit symptoms.

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