Travel between Spain and Ireland has been restored to pre-pandemic levels, with Irish passengers no longer required to carry Covid.

The Spanish govt. removed the requirement for Covid certificates on Thursday, removing the very last remaining barrier for Irish travelers.

All Irish people, vaccinated or not, can now travel freely to Spain.

As per the Department of Foreign Affairs, “passengers coming to Spain from countries within the European Union or Schengen Area are not asked to show a Covid certificate or the Spain Travel Health form.”

“From Ireland to Spain, there will be  no Covid-19 restrictions.” Certificates of Covid-19 vaccination/testing are not required.”

Due to local public transportation laws, you will be required to wear a mask on your flight to Spain, but not on your return flight.

“Restrictions vary by region in Spain,” the department adds. When using public transit in Spain, as well as in dispensaries and healthcare settings, you must wear a mask. You could well be required to wear a mask in taxis and private transportation/car sharing services.”

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