With Covid-19-related restrictions falling across the Globe, travel is rapidly rising. Once again we are able to enjoy visiting new cultures, experiencing new endeavours, or purely relaxing. 

All major tourist destinations were quick to lift all restrictive bans prior to the tourist season. All major tourist destinations were eager to welcome the tourist crowds. Bahrain is no exception.

Bahrain Travel and Tourism Association head Jihad Amin said that this year’s tourism season is showing signs of a strong revival, with demand for travel up by 80% compared to last year. 

The reason for this, he told Akhbar Al Khaleej, is that after taking precautions for two years and getting immunizations, people in Bahrain have a great desire to travel after overcoming the Covid-19 problem.

All sounds nice, until now, but … This could all backfire. Increasing tourist crowds spell an increased danger of yet another wave of the Covid pandemic.

This is yet more true in light of sparkling spikes across the Globe – from China, through Europe to nearby Israel. Let’s hope this is just an unfounded worry.

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