Sneeze guards (also known as Covid shields) were recently installed inside the Tongatapu office by the Tonga Tourism Authority, with the next phase slated to extend out to the outer islands.

The installation of these Covid shields creates a safe working environment for employees in what are often closed and compact settings. A weekly RAT test for Covid on all employees on the first day of the working weekend is another protective step. Hand sanitizers and disinfection wipes are commonly used at the office, and it is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. If a member of staff tests positive, the proper health measures are followed, and the employee is placed in isolation until the Ministry of Health issues verification of negative results.

The TTA is committed to providing a safe working environment for both its employees and visitors. As the tourism industry learns to live with Covid-19, the installation of the sneeze guards is timely. The Tonga Tourism Authority invites the tourism industry and interested parties to visit its Tongatapu office to see the new installations and learn more about the TTA’s activities in preparation for the reopening of borders.

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