Tonga’s recovery after the January volcanic eruption has been hampered by the current Covid-19 restrictions, raising concerns about mental health. According to The Pacific Medical Association in New Zealand, there has been a rise in cases of post-traumatic stress disorder.

During the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption, which occurred once in a thousand years, there was an unprecedented level of destruction. The Kingdom has been ravaged by the tsunami and ash cloud fallout because of the eruption. Hundreds of homes were demolished, and entire communities were wiped out by waves up to 15 meters high. Only three persons were killed because of the disaster.

Tonga’s Pacific Medical Association team head, Amanaki Misa, remarked: “They felt it was World War III.

As of March 30, Misa and his team of mental health experts have been in Tonga to assist in humanitarian efforts. In Tonga, there is a lack of training in mental health rehabilitation for nurses and social workers, therefore his team aims to fill that gap.

“Six sessions have been presented with 134 participants, 99 of them were online and 34 were in person. We assist the non-profit organization and offer counseling services “opined Misa

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