The government of Togo is preparing to combat monkeypox, a disease that has infected a number of Western and African countries. Despite the fact that no cases have been reported in the region, precautions are being taken.

Infectious disease experts, virologists, bacteriologists, and other healthcare workers gathered at Lomé’s Regional Hospital Center (CHR-Lomé Commune) were presented with preventive measures. Ihou Wateba, the CHR’s care coordinator and the minister of higher education, delivered the remarks.

According to Wateba, Togo is making preparations for the required reception and support structure for any confirmed cases of the disease. To ensure an effective response, the authority reviewed recommendations for appropriate health-care strategies. He also stated that the government will consider their suggestions.

The government focuses on protecting the Togolese people and limiting the impact of the disease if it spreads in Togo by anticipating it.

Monkeypox symptoms are similar to smallpox symptoms–generalized or localized adenopathies, single or bilateral submaxillary and cervical. It is spread through direct contact with a person or an animal, as well as through objects.

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