According to current government archives, Biolabs secretly conducted COVID-19 research at least three months before the Pandemic. Pearson Sharp of One America News Network discussed last week on his broadcast how the American “Deep State” is using the Ukraine war to pay Ukrainian officials and oligarchs with hush money concerning the Biden family. 

“In the tens of thousands of emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s infected laptop, independent cybersecurity specialists determined that Joe Biden’s son backed biological facilities in Ukraine,” Pearson continued. Pearson then addressed Moscow’s ongoing concerns about the Biolabs, as well as their demands for transparency on Hunter Biden’s involvement with the facilities.

According to the OAN, Hunter’s company, Rosemont Seneca, invested more than a million dollars in Metabiota to work on the Ukraine Biolabs. Metabiota has been named a subcontractor by Black & Veatch, a Department of Defense engineering firm.

Official records show that the Department of Defense financed Covid-19 research in Ukrainian Biolabs three months before the virus was named Covid-19. Before the virus’s discovery, the Covid-19 investigation was assigned to the Black & Veatch laboratory, which was connected to Hunter Biden via Metabiota.

“You have the disgraced son of the vice president of the United States hired to do favors for a corrupt Ukrainian gas conglomerate, who is also connecting that corporation with a bioweapons research outfit examining the coronavirus before it was released,” Pearson told his audience. The OAN host inquired, “Is Joe Biden personally liable for his involvement in the creation of Covid-19? “It might be the Biden Virus, rather than the China Virus.”

Pearson underlined that the Covid-19 virus, which helped Joe Biden “rig” the 2020 election, is currently hidden by conflict in Ukraine, where illegal Hunter Biden-affiliated Biolabs were doing Covid research before the outbreak. For months, Russia has accused the Biden family of producing illicit biological weapons, but the mainstream media has generally ignored the allegations.

The Western media, for example, failed to warn Americans that during an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting in early March, ambassadors representing billions of people expressed worry about the labs. Representatives from Ghana, India, Brazil, Kenya, China, Mexico, and Gabon demanded further information about the US’ illegal assistance for illicit biological research in Ukraine and other countries.

The association between Covid-19 and Ukraine Biolabs cannot be revealed by the media since doing so would legitimize Putin’s invasion of the country. Russia has stated that the labs are the second most significant cause for the military action, trailing only Ukraine’s “deNazification.”

The Russian Embassy in Bosnia accused the US of “loading Ukraine with Biolabs that was – most obviously – designed to research genetically deadly techniques against the Russian people” in March.

Pearson ended his conclusions by saying, “Russia may have had a moral imperative to strike against US-perpetrated bioterrorism in Ukraine.” “Is it a coincidence that one of the world’s most important bioweapons plants is in Mariupol, a city that Russia has recently regained from Ukrainian Nazis financed and trained by the US?” he wondered. 

In actuality, the US, the Pentagon, and their European and NATO allies are to blame for creating and exacerbating this situation. Critics and warmongers will dismiss this as Russian propaganda, but anyone who has read even one sentence of this article knows that is not the case “Alternative media is strangling traditional media by uncovering explosive revelations such as the Ukrainian bio lab network that mainstream media refuses to cover.

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