Following the administration of the COVID-19 vaccination to one more San Marino police officer, the total number of officers who have sought accommodation in order to avoid receiving the inoculation has been reduced to six.

The San Marino City Council held a vote the month before to pass Resolution R-22-18 by a vote of 4-1. This resolution mandates that personnel who are represented by the San Marino Police Officers Association get a vaccination against COVID-19.

While the six officers are going through the accommodation procedure, the San Mateo Police Department is continuing to employ all of its personnel. Almost immediately after the mandate was approved by the council, seven officials said that they would look into finding a suitable accommodation.

According to the City Manager of San Marino, Marcella Marlowe, “this indicates that we have just six POA members who have sought a medical and/or religious accommodation.” This participatory process is now underway and will most likely come to a close in the month of June. We are continuing to hold out hope that we will be able to keep all of our officers.

The Chief of Police of San Marino, John Incontro, was quoted as saying, “I know there are a number of cops who have applied for an accommodation.” If we were to lose those six, it would be quite difficult for us to maintain appropriate personnel. It’s possible that there are less than six in all.”

Incontro has proposed a strategy that might include the city of San Marino forming a partnership with two security companies that have substantial experience providing services to the city of Beverly Hills in the event that San Marino has to increase the size of its workforce. Covered Six and Nastec are the two corporations that have contributed supplementary patrol teams to the “observe-and-report” police strategy.

According to Incontro, both organizations have a portion of their workforce comprised of former law enforcement officers or members of the military police. These officers would work in places such as Mission Street and the schools in San Marino, Incontro stated.

He said that the cops will assist with the management of traffic, the conducting of searches and impounds, as well as the transfer of suspects. The cops who were hired on a contract basis would not take part in traffic stops.

According to Incontro, the time that police officers would be required to spend on routine operations would be cut down significantly if the security personnel was kept on. The cops did not pursue or engage the suspects in physical conflict.

Incontro said, “I have faith in any firm.” [citation needed] Additionally, he said that Covered Six had Mandarin-speaking officers, some of whom the company has stated it intends to attempt to deploy in San Marino in the event that it is given the opportunity to do so. He said that every officer working for Covered Six and Nastec would have their complete vaccinations, would drive their own cars, and would have full insurance coverage.

According to Incontro, the probable use of a security business would occur concurrently with a “very extensive recruiting and hiring procedure” on the part of the SMPD.

“I’m hopeful our cops will remain,” said Incontro in reference to the six policemen from the SMPD who are presently looking for accommodations to escape the vaccination obligation.

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