Spain has entered the 7th wave of the COVID pandemic, driven by the highly contagious and immune-evading Omicron BA.2 and XE, XT, and BA.2.12.1 sub variants, and has also become the center of the monkeypox outbreak.

COVID-19 has killed 2,000 people since April 20.

The ICU census on 28th May was 6,980, 1,300 more than on April 20. 663 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people are reported within 14 days. Only cases  in persons over 60 are counted. The risk level is when there are 500 cases per 100,000.

On Friday, 45,919 new coronavirus infections were reported, including 22,120 in persons over the age of 60. COVID-19 was present in more than one-fourth of the population (12,360,256).

COVID-19 has now claimed 106,341 lives.  The Lancet predicted in March that the virus would kill 162,000 more people in Spain between December 2019 and December 2021.

According to statistics, COVID-19 is still dangerous. COVID-19 has infected, incapacitated, and killed many thousands as a result of PSOE-Podemos’ indifference.

The use of the influenza analogy “normalizes” the pathogen. In the last 2 months, PSOE-Podemos has reduced pandemic measures. Like:

COVID-19 self-isolation is possible, other than elderly nursing homes.

PCR testing on prescription only.

Lifting indoor masking requirements, except for public transportation and health centers.

Removal of Covid restrictions in education centers like quarantines, the bubble system, fixed bus seats, parental entry, and online education must all be eliminated.

PSOE-Podemos prioritizes “economic health” over “human life” due to class interests. Following the removal of quarantines, the Ministry Of health declared that  COVID-19 close contacts should not be granted sick leave. Even people with minor symptoms are refused sick leave, which the capitalist class considers essential for job security.

These policies are opposed by doctors. Margarita del Val, a virologist and immunologist, criticized PSOE-Podemos’ removal of virus surveillance last week.

She claimed that we are living in “difficult times” in Valencia. “We have limited data and don’t know what’ll happen,” she said, “but I’m almost certain we’ll get respiratory infections and Covid-19.”

Dr. Francisco José Sáez, the leader of SEMG’s Occupational Health Working Group, criticized these tactics. He told Acta Sanitaria that lack of monitoring people under the age of 60 falsifies pandemic data. Doctors are unaware that under-60 COVID-19 patients are not registered. This helps to explain Spain’s declining illness rate.

The refusal of the state to recognise COVID-19 as an occupational illness has an impact on health professionals. If a healthy health worker becomes ill, they are told, “You picked up the disease at home.” Receiving it is by mistake.”

“Nursing home residents with COVID-19 do not receive sick leave,” says Saéz. “They could go back to working if they wear a mask, but Long Covid would not be recognised,” they are told.

Under PSOE-Podemos, millions of workers are completely unarmed against Long COVID. Long COVID affects 10% of patients. According to the Multidisciplinary Working Group, approximately 1 million Spaniards have COVID-19.

COVID-19 is not recognised as a disease in Spain. Patients suffering from this illness are unable to take sick leave. “We rely on the family physician to trust us when we tell them about our problems,” Mara Lorenzo of Covid Asturias said, “and if he doesn’t, he refers us to the mental health facilities.”

Health Minister Carolina Darias revealed in March that Spain lacked Long COVID data. She then revealed the Carlos III study. Cynical. The investigation was led by pulmonologist Ferrán Barbé.

The study’s lack of thoroughness was criticized by the Long Covid ACTS Patient Groups and Associations Platform, Long Covid Aragón Association, Madrid Persistent Covid 19 Collective, Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG), SATSE Nursing Union, and State Confederation of Medical Unions. They claim that the study sample is just too small and the questionnaire is skewed in order to avoid Long COVID symptoms.

There was no error or chance. PSOE-Podemos wants to limit sick leave and healthcare costs. 1 million sick people will be forced to work in order to save money on health care where t he EU spends billions of dollars arming Ukraine against Russia.

The COVID-19 crime committed by PSOE-Podemos is a monkeypox warning. With 142 instances, Spain is Europe’s epicenter. Although all instances are moderate, infection must be kept to a minimum. Early detection and isolation of patients are critical, but PSOE-Podemos has already opposed COVID-19. In Madrid, 66 cases of the virus have been reported.

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