Mexico has outlawed the sales of vape and e-cigarettes, with more limits on cigarette consumption on the horizon.

Officials in Mexico have prohibited the sale of vape pens, citing concerns about the health consequences of vaping.

President Manuel Lopez Obrador announced the change on World No Tobacco Day, and it was backed by a slew of additional measures targeted at reducing smoking in public areas.

What did President Obrador have to say about e-cigarettes?

Hugo Lopez Gatell, Mexico’s housing minister, said on Tuesday that assertions that vape is a reasonable alternative to smoking are “a great fraud.”

“The vapours are also dangerous to human health,” Lopez Obrador said as he signed legislation into law, noting that vape gadgets were created with young people in mind.

Lopez Obrador held out a pink vape gadget and stated, “Look at the colour, the style.”

Mexico has already outlawed e-cigarette shipments, but businesses kept selling what they’re doing with hand.

The new prohibition extends to the promotion and sale of certain commodities.

At the very same time, officials in Mexico City announced that cigarettes of any kind would be prohibited in the town’s largest square, the Zocalo, and surrounding areas.

For further than a decade, Mexico has had ban on smoking in confined areas, office buildings, stores, bars, and cafes.

Smoking will be prohibited on beaches, fun activities, and stadiums, according to lawmakers.

More than 5 million Mexicans, according to the authorities, have attempted vape at least one time.

Is vaping harmful?

Although there is limited information on the lengthy effects of vaping, several studies have revealed acute risks.

In early 2020, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) announced that 2,807 persons had perished or been hospitalised as a result of lung damage caused by vaping in the United States.

The EVALI cases, according to the CDC, were connected to vitamin E acetate, which is found in some vaping devices.

Some states and local governments in the United States have implemented restaurant vaping prohibitions. The sale of flavoured vape liquids has been prohibited in some places.

In 2019, India stated that all e-cigarettes would be banned.

Similarly, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom has stated that it will study whether physicians might prescribe vaping goods to help individuals stop smoking, as vaping is believed to be less dangerous than smoking tobacco.

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