Working with a university clinic in France’s southern region, Hemcheck has fruitfully concluded assessment research of one of its products called v-Test, at the resident medical laboratory. The evaluation study verifies the high performance of the test as well as its robust association with confirmed reference techniques while also establishing the relevance of the products for use in diagnosis. 

Hemcheck is a firm that markets a patented CE-marked idea for hemolysis detection at the place of care. The idea comprises disposable tests that upon insertion of the sample (which can be in gas syringes for blood or vacuum tubes) speedily identify hemolyzed blood in the samples for the user to read. 

The final finding will be publicized in a scientific journal. Subsequently, a more comprehensive finding will be made public. 

It is pertinent that medical studies are sustained across the globe to produce home-grown evidence that will boost our marketing drive. We peer into the future with optimism that the findings will be published as we continue engaging with the hospital on probably what next to do,” explained Hemcheck CEO Joen Averstad.

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