The count of human Monkeypox infections in the Netherlands has risen to six, according to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

The index case of human infection of Monkeypox in the Netherlands was validated last Friday.

According to Xinhua, the Erasmus University Medical Center and RIVM are analyzing new samples to ensure the early diagnosis of any new infections and the prevention of further transmission.

“Some of those infected participated in the Darkland festival in Belgium,” according to the RIVM. “All cases involve men who have sex with men, but this does not imply that the virus can or only be transmitted through sexual contact, or that the virus cannot spread beyond this group of people.”

The RIVM advises high-risk contacts, including housemates or sexual partners to self-isolate if they have had skin-to-skin contact with a patient. Vaccination will be provided at the Municipal Health Service (GGD) only to those who are at risk of becoming infected.

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