The Government of Belize Press Office reports that the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) received 124,800 Pfizer pediatric COVID-19 vaccines today.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Belize collaborated with the Republic of Slovakia for the procurement of 124,800 Pfizer pediatric vaccine,” stated the GOB Press Office. “The vaccines had been delivered to the Ministry of Health and Wellness today.”

The vaccines are been paid for by the European Union.

The presentation was attended by Xavier Canton-Lamousse, Team Leader of the EU Technical Support Office in Belize; Amalia Mai, CEO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade; and Dr. Julio Sabido, CEO of the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

On Monday, the Ministry of Health and Wellness began immunizing children aged 5 -11 against COVID-19 in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Vaccinations are being given out in primary schools throughout the country. Pediatric vaccines, on the other hand, are widely available across the country at regularly scheduled vaccination sites.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare estimates that 73,000 children will be immunized across the country.

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