Reverend Marlon Penn, Minister of Healthcare and Social Welfare, is urging everybody in the food service industry to handle and cook meals properly so it is clean and appropriate for eating.

In a letter commemorating World Food Safety Day, Honourable Penn added his voice to the cause of food safety, which this year’s subject is “Safer Food, Better Health.”

“World Food Safety Day gives a chance to emphasise the significance of becoming more careful of what people consume in order to avoid, identify, and treat microbial contamination, as well as achieve excellent health,” said the Honourable Penn.”

Unsafe meals, according to Penn, lead to poor physical situations such as stunted development and growth, non-communicable and contagious illnesses, and psychiatric illnesses.

As per Minister Penn, human actions, the manner we design food production, and the way we arrange food systems may help to avoid hazardous dangers like germs, viruses, parasites, bacteria, chemical residues, and other harmful things from reaching our plates. 

The public is also urged to pay attention to expiry dates while purchasing food and to notify the Environmental Quality Division of any risks or unhealthy circumstances.  The customers should include all the relevant details. 

The United Nations created World Food Safety Day in 2018, and it is observed every year on June 7. Its mission is to raise awareness and motivate individuals to participate to help avoid, identify, and control foodborne hazards, so promoting food production, public health, economic progress, and long-term development.

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