The US government has provided the Maldives with an additional 100,620 doses of Pfizer vaccines as part of the COVAX deal.

The latest shipment comes after the United States sent 439,920 Pfizer vaccine shots to the Maldives in January 2021 and January 2022.

According to the US Mission in the Maldives, the vaccines were supplied to enable Maldivians to become boosted, avoiding new infections and the propagation of new COVID-19 strains.

Through the US Agency for International Development, the US is also assisting the Maldives in distributing and administering vaccinations through the atolls, training healthcare workers, and encouraging people to get immunized securely and successfully.

The Charg√© d’Affaires of the US Mission to the Maldives, noted that the US’ COVID-19 reaction efforts, which included vaccine supplies, highlighted the kindness of the American societies.

“We’re combining the genius of American science and industry with our logistical and worldwide tasks know-in what way to help immunize the whole world,” she continued.

Since the outbreak in 2020, USAID has supplied the Maldives with almost USD 7 million in COVID-19 assistance and 60 ventilators in kind.

Treatment was given to save lives, clinical treatment was improved, key supplies were mobilised to help with the response, social protection services were expanded, and the design of suitable economic, fiscal, and monetary responses to the epidemic was aided.

The US had promised to give more than 1.2 billion immunizations to 115 countries, with over 533 million already delivered. In addition, the United States is the largest contributor to COVAX, a worldwide vaccine initiative.

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