KPL On June 6, the Government of Japan handed 74 ambulances to the Government of Laos at the Ministry of Health to help with cholera-19 prevention and response. It was presented by Mr. Kenichi Kobayashi, Ambassador of Japan to Laos, and Mr. Bounpaeng Phoummalaisit, Minister of Health.

Mr. Bounphaeng Phoummalaisit expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Japanese government and people for their assistance, which has greatly helped the Lao people in terms of access to health services and the ability to respond to patients’ urgent needs. In the past, the Japanese government and people have always been concerned about the people of Laos and have offered assistance in difficult times, reflecting the friendly relations as well as the comprehensive, long-term, and stable strategic partnership that has been increasingly promoted between Laos and Japan.

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