A month-long COVID-19 immunization campaign has been initiated by the HCM City Health Department.

Booster injections (third and fourth doses) are recommended for those over 50, those over 18 who are moderately or seriously immune weakened, front-line health workers, and workers at industrial parks and export processing zones, according to the campaign.

The department’s deputy director, Nguyn Anh Dng, emphasized the need for booster doses, stating that they would assist preserve immunity against COVID-19.

He also urged people to follow the V2K message from the Ministry of Health for COVID-19 prevention and control.

The ministry has proposed the V2K suggestion, which stands for vaccinations, khu trang (facemask), and kh khun (disinfection), to replace the 5K advice, which includes maintaining a safe distance, avoiding crowds, and obtaining a health declaration.

Despite the fact that the pandemic had been contained, Dng stated that the risk of contracting COVID-19 remained.

He went on to say that the vaccine program, as well as prevention and control measures, are crucial in lowering infection risks.

During the campaign, the department requested authorities in 21 districts and Thủ Đức City to create temporary vaccination centers to assist people.

COVID-19 is also available at schools, industrial parks, export processing zones, and basic care clinics.

Vaccinations will be administered at home to those who are unable to travel.

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