The fourth dosage is particularly suggested for persons who are more likely to be admitted to the hospital if they obtain Covid-19. According to Public Health, “it is widely thought that the protection of three doses would progressively decline over time,” but “it is not yet apparent if this phenomenon raises the risk of severe symptoms.”

The government continues to believe that raising our immunisation rate is the greatest way to reduce hospitalizations and fatalities caused by Covid-19 infections in society. The infection killed him. The number of persons hospitalised for Covid-19 is on the rise again, with 69 people admitted in the last week. For quite some time, our immunisation rate has been at 55.60 per cent.

The government has said that Suriname has an adequate vaccine, but it is still recommended that you get the fourth injection if you match the requirements. This may also be given to migrants who seek a fourth dosage based on the recommendations of their home country.
Vaccinations are given in the BOG’s Medical Center and at several RGD clinics.

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