The first verified case of monkeypox infection in Morocco has been placed under close observation by the Moroccan officials, according to a Thursday statement from Mustapha Baitas, a Government Spokesman and the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament.

During a press briefing at the conclusion of the Council of Government, Baitas stated that this case (someone coming from a European nation) was handled in accordance with the country’s health procedure. Held under the leadership of the Head of State Aziz Akhannouch, the contact cases have been subjected to laboratory testing in order to implement preventive health measures.

The index case detection was assisted by a surveillance system put in place by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, which states that the identification is done correctly and seriously.

“The Ministry of Health and Welfare handles everything with the required seriousness, particularly as we are just weeks away from a crucial tourist season,” he emphasized.

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