At the 75th Annual World Health Summit, which had the theme “Peace for Health & Health for Peace,” the Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadesse, stated that a healthy society has the capacity for ensuring a secure and lasting peace and that peace is essential for health. The summit was held in Ethiopia.

“Health is impossible without peace,”  said the Minister added, drawing attention to the fact that many people had been uprooted and harmed, as well as the fact that some hospitals and clinics had been robbed and destroyed during the violence in northern Ethiopia. She pointed out that as a consequence of this, a significant number of individuals have had their access to medical treatment restricted.

According to her, the Government of Ethiopia is collaborating with many stakeholders to rebuild and rehabilitate the country’s health care system.

She pleaded for the global community and its partners to make coordinated efforts and lend support in order to communicate with disadvantaged people who were facing a variety of issues.

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