The Cook Islands are now accessible and far simpler to reach for Australian travelers, thanks to the elimination of any pre-departure COVID-19 testing and other travel restrictions.

According to Graeme West, General Manager of Cook Islands Tourism Australasia, the new limits will usher in a new era after two difficult years.

He described it as “going back in time,” with no COVID-19 test necessary to enter or leave the Cook Islands, no examination required to travel from Rarotonga to Aitutaki, and no necessity to vaccinate anybody under the age of 16.

“In many respects, it’s similar to pre-COVID-19 travel,” Mr. West observed.

“The major criterion is that people above the age of 16 be completely vaccinated and have an international travel immunization certificate.”

“Before leaving Australia, visitors must additionally file a Cook Islands physical condition statement.”

What steps do you need to do in order to visit?

Be immunized and provide paperwork from your country of immunization.

Within 96 hours of my departure, I completed the online COVID-19 information form.

Meet the normal immigration criteria of the Cook Islands.

In the Cook Islands, the following visitors are free from immunization requirements:

Cook Islander or Long-Term Resident (must provide evidence).

Unimportant (someone under the age of 16).

A person who has been granted a medical exemption by the Cook Islands Secretary of Health or the Director-General of Health of New Zealand.

Air New Zealand now operates flights from Australia to the Cook Islands through New Zealand.

Jetstar will launch direct flights from Sydney to Rarotonga on June 2, while Air New Zealand will follow suit later in the year.

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