The Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt stated that a comprehensive handbook on monkeypox, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures based on modern international standards, has been published.

According to the ministry, no extraordinary measures have been taken thus far, and the epidemiological situation is assessed on a regular basis established on research and study of disease risks.

A definition of the case and how to handle infected or potentially infected people or contact with sick individuals was distributed, as well as guidelines and a scientific guide for diagnosis and treatment.

The Ministry of Health and Population stressed that doctors and all medical personnel are being educated regarding the illness, starting with diagnosis and treatment procedures, with a focus on infection control.

The Ministry of Health and Population’s Hossam Abdel Ghaffar added that no monkeypox cases have been discovered in Egypt, and that the ministry’s main laboratories provide testing reagents for monkeypox as well as training for medical personnel and officials in the governorates on how to respond.

The Ministry of Health and Population claims that the virus does not alter, and it is a DNA-based illness with limited adaptability. “We’ve already produced vaccines for it and studied it for a long time.”

The Ministry of Health has stated that there is no cause for concern, and the condition is a viral animal-borne disease that primarily affects forest regions in western and central Africa.

Monkeypox is a viral illness that causes enlarged lymph nodes, rash, and fever among other symptoms. It can lead to medical problems if left untreated, with manifestation ranging from two to four weeks. The monkeypox virus is not airborne like Coronavirus and infection rates are low.

The government offered a series of helpful suggestions for avoiding infection, such as avoiding direct contact with animals carriers, separating ill persons from the general public, proper hand hygiene, utilizing personal protective equipment, and quarantine of infected pets.

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