Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The respiratory triage section at the San Socorro facility in Ensanche la Fe remained untouched, while the entire surrounding was clear.

Family members with various illnesses, not coronavirus, were present in the courtyards.

Meanwhile, two ladies were waiting outside the Marcelino Velez hospital in the Herrera zone for a cesarean section on their 25-year-old sister, who, despite being contaminated with Covid, was capable of carrying her pregnancy to term.

She was recommended to Marcelino Velez by the clinic where she had been treated, which has a section dedicated to treating such instances.

“She’s doing fantastic.” The physicians have decided to terminate the pregnancy in order to avoid any issues. “We want it all to go well for her because she had a difficult pregnancy,” one of her siblings remarked.

Meanwhile, the Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital keeps the Covid area locked, and when an incidence is discovered, it is referred to another hospital where these people are still being treated.

On Friday, for instance, the doctor on board stated that not a single patient had visited for Covid.

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