An additional dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will be administered in the fall to those individuals on the island who are at the greatest risk of contracting the virus, and to frontline healthcare professionals.

This is in accordance with the most recent recommendation that the Joint Commission made on Vaccination for Immunization in the United Kingdom.

According to the government, the primary goal of the fall booster program in 2022 will be the same as it was in autumn 2021: to create herd immunity and protect people from acute Covid-19 illness, notably hospitalization and mortality, during the winter season.

All senior citizens aged 65 and over in adulthood

– Individuals between the ages of 16 and 64 who are under the clinical vulnerable group

Lawrie Hooper, the Health and Social Care Minister, made the following statement: “The island could well follow the short term advice and provide yet another Covid booster dose to those that are more vulnerable to Covid 19 virus in order to provide them with greater protection over the course of the winter period.”

I have requested that the vaccinators begin preparing for the rollout, which may or may not include the possibility of offering a flu vaccine in addition to the booster shot.

“The members from the general population having eligibility for a spring booster have to come forward to receive the shot in order to guarantee that they get protection during the summer months.”

“Manx Care will be sending out letters of invitation to those individuals who have become qualified after six months from getting their first booster.”

“We are asking anybody who has any reason to believe that he has missed the appointment for a spring booster, to call 111 immediately,” the announcement said.

When we get nearer the launch date, we will give any further information that we have on the rollout.

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