The COVID crisis is over. This was stated by the mathematician from BAS Prof. Nikolay Vitanov, who published his daily analysis of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The scenario “Blue Summer” is stable. This has been the case for the past 15 days. This scenario means that we have a quiet summer. The goal is to keep it stable for 3 months (90 days) so that there are no problems during the summer,” the mathematician explained. 

This statement is especially important for Bulgaria, as the country has a big tourist sector. With the Covid crisis over, the “Blue Summer” means that the tourist season is likely to be strong.

And he analyzes the general epidemic situation: “The modified Omicron fails to ignite the diffuse spread. This has been holding true for 61 days. 

The COVID crisis is over.

The baseline reproductive number is 0.92. It is below 1, which means that the scope of the infection continues to shrink, the mathematician wrote. According to him, the “Blue Summer” scenario is unshakable.

The epidemic situation at the sea resorts of the county is also calm, Vitanov said.

According to him, things are under control from the point of view of overcrowding in hospitals: “The occupancy of the beds is ten times below the maximum capacity. And it continues to fall.

Vitanov also analyzed the mortality of patients with COVID-19. “The goal was to increase the number of days in which the dead will be single digits. This, fortunately, is exactly the case,” said the mathematician. He predicts a calm June.

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