The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lowered BiH’s risk category for travellers to “Moderate” on Tuesday

In April, the CDC reworked its ratings method for evaluating Covid-19 risk for travellers.

The “high” risk has risen to the very top of the scale at Level 3. Level 2 is classified as “moderate” risk, while Level 1 is classified as “low” risk.

Level 4, earlier the maximum risk category, has become reserved for extreme cases, the emergence of any new variant, or medical infrastructure failure. The new system has yet to assign a destination to Level 4.

Covid-19 (Level 3) countries had more than 100 infections per 100 000 people in the last 28 days.

On May 31, there were approximately 110 Level 3 destinations. Level 3 sites now account for slightly less than 50 percent of the CDC’s 235 monitored sites.

With the exception of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Saint Kitts and Nevis, the majority of the Caribbean region is at Level 3, with the exception of the Dominican Republic and Saint Kitts, Cuba, and Nevis, which all shifted to Level 2 last Tuesday.

Level 3

The following popular European locations is at Level 3 as on May 31:

• France

• Germany

• Italy

• Greece

• Ireland

• Spain

• Portugal


• United Kingdom

European favourites are not the only ones who have advanced to Level 3. Several well-known travel destinations from around world, including the following, are high risk:

• Brazil

Costa Rican



• Canada

• South Korea

The CDC recommends you to get your Covid-19 vaccines up to date before travelling to a Level 3 destination. To be considered “up to date,” you must have received all of your initial vaccinations, as well as the boosters that you are eligible for.

Level 2

 “Level 2: Covid-19 Moderate” had 50 -100  cases per 100 000 persons. Eight positions were promoted to this level:

• Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Cuba

• Dominica Republic

• Guyana

• Moldovan 

• Poland

Nevis and St. Kitts


Level 2 countries include Dominica, Guyana, and Nevis and St. Kitts. The remaining destinations’ risk level was reduced from Level 3 to Level 2.

On May 31, approximately 20 destinations were classified in Level 2.

The CDC’s travel recommendations page lists the risk levels of any global destination.

In general, the CDC advises against all foreign travel until you have received all necessary vaccinations.

Level 1

 “Level 1: Covid-19 Low,”  destination have 49 or lesser new infections per 100 000 people in the previous 28 days. Two new locations included to the category on May 31 are:

• Kuwait

• Mauritania

Level 1 had over 50 entries on Tuesday.


Due to not enough information, the CDC has designated some destinations as “unknown” risk. These are typically  small, remote areas or where unrest warfare or unrest is ongoing.

There have been no new entries in this segment on Tuesday.

Because the risks are unclear, the CDC advises against going to these locations. French Polynesia, the Azores, Tanzania, and Cambodia are among the regions in this category.