According to a top government advisor, Thailand aims to abolish the remaining Covid restrictions by the beginning of July, since economic pressures and inflation hastened the government’s pronouncement of the pandemic’s end.

On Friday, Thailand reported nearly 5,000 new instances of Covid-19, but the country appears to be on the verge of declaring the disease endemic, with booster doses readily available and the mortality toll falling by the week.

Anutin Charnvirakul, the Minister of Public Health, told reporters that there was no deadline or pressure on the government to remove the restrictions.

The cabinet has set an unofficial deadline of early July to remove the remaining Covid restrictions and further catalyse the economy, according to a prominent government doctor.

To further boost the tourism industry, the government has already made procedures that will allow unvaccinated visitors to enter the country starting June 1st.

It now plans to allow for the resurgence of nightlife and large-scale events, such as the lucrative convention and meetings industry.

Due to growing fuel and commodity prices, the administration has been under economic pressure from both opposition parties and industry leaders.

According to the doctor, the Covid situation centre has been asked to lower numbers and prepare the country for the easing of restrictions.

“For many cabinet ministers, it is time for this pandemic to end and the focus to turn to methods to revive the economy,” the doctor said over the phone to Thai Enquirer.

The doctor went on to add that the number of Thais who had been infected with Omicron since the epidemic earlier this year was significantly higher than the official statistic.

Due to silent illnesses and a lack of mass testing, the full figure was never determined.

“It’s a fantastic thing because, despite the fact that infection rates have soared, death rates have remained low.” We’re focusing on herd immunity right now, which will be essential to the country’s opening up.”

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