Despite concerns that mutations could produce new forms, Thailand expects the Covid-19 epidemic to be over by the end of the year, according to Deputy Health Minister Satit Pitutecha.

Although the World Health Organization’s lack of clear recommendations, he said the country is pressing forward with its intention to deem Covid-19 endemic.

The Public Health Ministry is “employing all available methods” to meet the aim of delivering booster shots to avert a new variation breakout.

Satit Pitutecha also stated that the ministry was keeping a close eye on the Covid-19 situation in North Korea, which is seeing an increase in new cases, to see if a new variant emerges.

Satit was presenting at Mahidol University’s Faculty of Public Health in Nakhon Pathom province during an academic seminar on “New Normal Health Behaviours.”

Covid-19, according to the deputy minister, has entirely transformed several behaviours, such as attending public meetings, travelling, and eating out.

He referenced the findings of a Suan Dusit University poll of 1,218 persons conducted last year, when Thailand was affected heavily by Covid-19.

According to the survey, more than 90% of respondents claimed that after Covid, they would always wear a face mask and buy different masks.

Satit emphasised the “VUCA” measure, which stands for vaccine, universal prevention, a Covid-free setting, and ATK testing, as a way to keep safe from Covid.

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