Medical technologist and researcher Dr. Jack Kreindler is the co-founder of Certific, a British-Estonian IT company. Certific was founded in 2021 by Kreindler and two Estonian co-founders with the goal of decentralizing healthcare through technology.

Dr. Jack thinks this. Using Certific, anyone may become a certified, quality caregiver without having to deal with travel, appointments, or other healthcare hassles. COVID proved that our healthcare system is lacking in both personnel and facilities. Decentralization and patient empowerment are essential.”


Medically verified tests can be taken from the comfort of your own house using Certific. The video-recorded approach used by Certific checks the user’s identification, the test device, sampling accuracy, and the test result.

For three persons, the implementation of validated COVID testing was a way to aid recovery from the epidemic. Taavet Hinrikus, an Estonian co-founder of Wise, a financial services disruptor, was introduced to Dr. Jack by a mutual friend and mentor. An Estonian by the name of Liis Narusk, who had previously worked in finance and innovation management, joined the team not long after Pandemic had begun. As Dr. Jack points out, Taavet has a history of helping people regulate their own behavior. In my 25 years of remote patient management, I’ve learned a lot. Liis has made a career out of bringing new life to venerable businesses. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Scaled healthcare

They were concerned about the environment and wanted to do something about it. We wanted them back to work, festivals, and grandparent visits,” says Dr. Jack. This necessitates reorganizing a medical system that is already stretched too thin. In healthcare, Dr. Jack argues that repetitive manual chores waste time that could be better spent by both patients and clinicians. He believes that if it changes, healthcare will become more scalable.

Eleven unicorn companies have been launched in Estonia, among them Hinrikus’ Wise. Dr. Jack is happiest in an environment that encourages new ideas. A big number of enthusiastic, motivated, and capable tech experts reside in Estonia,” he continues. If you’re lacking in a certain talent, all you have to do is ask your neighbor for help. Despite the fact that the economy in Estonia is better than Silicon Valley’s, I am not here for that reason. That isn’t the reasoning behind the situation. “Easier, more efficient, and more effective.”

incubator for new ideas

Because of its nimbleness and ease of doing business, the country is an excellent place to put innovative technology to the test. Using Certific’s technology, Estonia created the first ever COVID passport.

Many of Certific’s studies have concentrated on COVID testing since the outbreak, but the company’s vision for decentralized healthcare has grown as a result of the epidemic. “We never designed Certific as a COVID item,” says Dr. Jack. We were confident that this was a game-changing development in the field of self-diagnosis.

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