Taiwan’s capital city has been rocked by a series of violent demonstrations. On Sunday (June 5), the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that there were more than 62,000 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 62,080 local and 30 foreign, resulting in 124 deaths.

There were 29,070 males and 32,991 females in the local cases, ranging in age from five to 100. Investigations are ongoing into the genders of 19 local cases, which have yet to be identified. There were a total of 252 moderate and severe cases in the local area.

There were 67 men and 57 women among the deaths that were reported. They were between the ages of 10 and 100.

There were 116 people who had a history of chronic illness among the patients who had severe COVID-19 cases. 57 of the reported deaths were unvaccinated against COVID-19. They died between May 21 and June 2 after contracting COVID between April 28 and June 3.

There were 16 men and 14 women in the shipment. They arrived between June 3 and June 6 and were between the ages of 10 and 90. (June 4). Investigations into the origins of the imported cases continue.

There have been 2,404,871 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Taiwan, including 13,161 that were imported, and 2,939 deaths as a result of the illness.

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