A Clean Slate On Monkeypox: Uzbekistan

Prof Nurmat Atabekov, Acting Head of the Hygiene and Epidemic Welfare and Public Health System, responded to a query concerning monkeypox spreading in a number of nations. “Monkeypox has been found in 14 states, as per the WHO,” N. Atabekov said. – In instance, the number of those affected is...

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UNICEF and GAVI present the Department of Health of Uzbekistan with equipment worth $1.5 million

UNICEF provided the Department of Health with much-needed computers to improve Uzbekistan’s national immunization program and general healthcare. The 2,150 computers will help Uzbekistan conduct successful vaccination monitoring and immunization campaigns, as well as contribute to a robust healthcare system that serves the entire population of the country. The $1.5 million...

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Uzbekistan has reported 18 new cases of COVID-19.

According to the Ministry of Health, there have been 18 new coronavirus cases in Uzbekistan in the last day. There are ten cases reported in the Tashkent area and eight in Tashkent. A maximum of 239,077 COVID cases have been verified. The overall number of rebounds from coronavirus illness is now 237,302,...

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Nation Reports Thirteen Fresh Corona Cases

Uzbekistan has reported 13 new occurrences of the infection. It’s way less than what this country has already gone through and getting stronger than before. Although, the government is trying to spread awareness through social media campaigns and all the possible ways to communicate with its citizens.

Uzbekistan Gets Much Needed Aid

The International Finance Corporation ( IFC Development (USAID) today turned over critical medical devices to health centers in Djizzak to help the area fight tuberculosis (TB). The transfer was made up of representatives from the USAID Mission to Uzbekistan, the National Tb and Lung Infections Center, and the Djizzak...

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Material OF $1.3 Million is given to the Ministry of health by USAID

The US turned over desperately needed cold chain gear and laptops to the Health Ministry of Uzbekistan yesterday, with financing from the US Development agency (USAID), in order to strengthen Uzbekistan’s national immunization system. Uzbekistan’s ability to execute efficient, effective vaccine administration will be bolstered by the gear, which...

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