Australia donates hospital kits to Ukraine worth $5m

Australian government has responded to an appeal for help made by Ukraine by donating $5.1 million to overcome the crisis created by Russian invasion four months ago. About 10,000 donors have pooled together and sent aid to people, including medical supplies sent to Europe and distributed by volunteers inside...

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As the Ukraine war continues, the risk of polio increases

ASM Microbe reports that war has increased polio risks in Ukraine and abroad, disrupting health services in a country that has low immunization rates and a history of vaccine-derived polio outbreaks. According to Dmytro Stepanskyi, MD, Ph.D., a representative of the American Society for Microbiology in Ukraine, although polio was...

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Medical marijuana may become legal in Ukraine

Despite the ongoing confrontation with Russia, Ukraine’s Health Minister, Viktor Liashko, said on June 7 that medical marijuana is officially legal. “There is no doubt that confrontation is detrimental to one’s mental health.” As a result of this exposure, we now know how many people will require medical attention....

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