COVID-19 and TB in PNG: A Healthcare Opportunity

The COVID-19 epidemic has infected all 22 provinces of Papua New Guinea, resulting in the deaths of many individuals. WHO data claim that more than 43,600 cases and 649 fatalities have been reported. As a result, the actual burden is almost certainly higher. Public health has been threatened by the...

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Key Information for Travelers to Papua New Guinea

Before travelling to Papua New Guinea, make sure you have all of your COVID-19 vaccines up to date. Avoid travelling to Papua New Guinea if you have not received your COVID-19 vaccines. Even if you have received all of your COVID-19 vaccines, you may still be at risk of contracting and...

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WHO’s warning of covid surge during PNG election

A health expert has warned of an increase in Covid-19 cases if people do not follow control measures during the July election in Papua New Guinea. According to Anup Gurung of the World Health Organization’s PNG office, a new wave would put vulnerable people at risk of severe illness, hospitalization,...

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